I like…


I like

The sign a friend of mine saw while on vacation in Barbados last week.




I don’t like –

That she was in Barbados and I was not.



I like

Jo Malone’s line of products.

Check them out.




I don’t like –

Her price tags  ($35 for a bar of soap? For that price, I want someone to wash me with it. Preferably Bradley Cooper or Johnny Depp)  which is why I buy the itty bitty sampler bottles.




$155 on the site, slightly less on Amazon… if you can find them.

No one around here sells Jo Malone and I’m not buying a full bottle until I test it.

But they rock!

Trust me on this…




(See how I snuck a Game of Thrones reference in there?)

I like

The sound of this drink for summer.





I don’t like –

The idea of walking around with a blue tongue all night.

(Or day, who are we kidding?)




I like

The tee shirt I found the other day.




I don’t like –

The fact that there are only 4 more episodes of Thrones left.





26 thoughts on “I like…”

  1. Say it ain’t so!!! I thought there were 8 episodes total, leaving 6 remaining. Am I wrong?!?!?! By the way, the husband and I are compiling a list: who we think gets killed, and who will be the one to kill them. We haven’t sorted out the rules/details yet, but I’m going to push for points: 1 point if you correctly predict who gets killed, and another point if you correctly predict who kills them. Winner gets to choose the restaurant when it’s all over.

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    1. Sorry to say.. but yes, there are only 6 episodes total. But a few of them, like the big battle scene against the Walkers this Sunday night, will be 80 minutes long. Small consolation, I know.
      Good luck on the killing contest. I have my theories too!

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      1. You mean to say they made us wait a whole year (maybe more, I can’t remember) for 6 measly episodes?!?! What a joke! They are totally milking it (which seems to be the case more and more these days). I would protest by refusing to watch it, but we both know that’s not going to happen. Maybe I’ll send them one of my firmly worded letters. Oh, hell, that’s not going to happen either…

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      2. Apparently the battle scene alone took 55 frozen winter nights in Belfast to shoot. GOT has such an amazing scope of locations… not to mention CGI dragons and dire wolves… and these things take time. Hell, I read the Night King’s makeup takes 7 hours to apply. At that rate we’re lucky we’re getting 6.

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      3. True, but all the seasons took gobs of time and energy. Harry Potter started this trend by breaking its last book into 2 movies, as did the Hunger Games. The Hobbit is just one book but they made it into 3 (terrible, awful) films. I say the industry is milking it. There are surely advantages (money to be made on associated merchandise, more time to get naysayers like your husband onto the bandwagon) to keeping the collective consciousness in thrall for as long as possible. After all, once it’s finally over, the short-attention-spanned public will be onto the next thing. I realize that GOT is no longer going on books, but since the first six seasons were 10 episodes each, it feels a little slimy to me to break the last 13 episodes into two seasons. But maybe I’m just a cynic. 🙂

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      4. George R R Martin is actually still writing the final book in the series and there are many who wanted HBO to wait for that. Technically the phenomenon won’t be over this year either. The new GOT, a prequel if you will, is already in the works…. Naomi Watts being one of the stars. The next series will explore old Valeria, pre Targaryen. And if the same people are doing it, with the same quality? I’m in!

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      5. Wow, I wonder how much his book will diverge from the movie. What a strange way to do this book/movie thing. I’ll admit, I’m intrigued by a prequel. I’d definitely give it a go. I can’t imagine they’d reduce the quality, not when they have such a successful thing going. All I know is that they’d better not let Cersei live. A long, slow, painful, agonizing death better happen to her sometime in the next 4 episodes!

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      6. Martins books and the series diverged a long time ago… he’s a painfully slow writer and couldn’t keep up. I’ve read them all and they’re quite different. A zombie Catelyn Stark for starters..
        As for Cersei, she’d make a wonderfully cold Night Queen.

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    1. No, he didn’t. Guess I wasn’t being subtle enough.
      And yes, there are timeshares in Barbados, but since he’s retiring this year he’s forbade me to book any trips. Wants to sell back his leave time instead…


  2. Yes to Bradley Cooper and the bar of soap scenario! No to Johnny Depp. I have been reading some CA-RAZY stuff in the news about him being a really not so nice person. Until that all comes out in the wash, imma go with safe Bradley. Not “A Star is Born” – Bradley… More like “Silver Linings Playbook” -Bradley.

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  3. I hope the big woman gives it up. I’m just sayin.
    I also like the sound of that drink and do not like the thought of a blue tongue — although I do find I like a blue Tootsie Pop at Halloween time.
    I have no desire to go to Barbados, and would much rather visit Maine instead. Or any non-tropical place, ever.

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    1. Poor Brienne… always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Time is running out!
      Lately if it’s over 75 degrees I’m not interested either… but the thought of a (cool) tropical beach with hot and cold running cabana boys laden with fruity alcohol sounds tempting…

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