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Stiff…. Part 4.


Yes, your favorite series about dead bodies is back.



And today’s chapter is aptly named…



Let’s dig in, shall we?



You have to wonder what genius first came up with that idea.

“Hmm… what should we do with great Uncle Mortimer’s remains? I know! Let’s cover him in honey and bring a chunk of his thigh to the next neighborhood potluck.”



Honeyed urine and poop. I’m beginning to notice a trend here….



Mummies cure farting?

You heard it here first people.



A wandering uterus is a terrible thing…. but I would think using dung to coax it back in place would have the opposite effect, as in “Hell no Mabel. I’m outta here!”


Yorktown re-creation… in which we explore outdoors.


The second half of the American Revolutionary War Museum in Yorktown, Virginia is the interactive outdoor exhibit re-creation.




First up…. the soldier’s encampment.




It’s one thing to read about these things and see them in your mind’s eye….. quite another when you can physically touch and experience them first hand.

See those little tents? 4-6 men slept in there….. and let me tell you, it wouldn’t have been comfortable for one.




Meals, such as they were… were cooked here.




And the fire was kept burning 24/7.




There were few doctors as we think of them today, and the surgical tent more than likely contained a barber with a bag of torture implements like these. Please note the large bottle of laudanum in the back. I’d be chugging that like iced tea, thank you very much.

Though if you were bitten by a mad dog?

They had you covered.




The General’s tent was a bit larger….




And served as his office as well.




The laundromat was a bit primitive.




Though you did get a discount if you brought your own soap.

And the entire camp was ringed with wooden spikes to repel attackers.




As well as providing excellent selfie backgrounds.








Colonial Williamsburg…. the Apothecary Shop, the Capitol and the Gaol.


Still strolling Duke of Gloucester Street, we found the apothecary shop and it’s mistress in the middle of recounting some 18th century cures.




Trust me when I say you should be glad you weren’t sick in the 18th century.




Many towns and villages didn’t have doctors and these pseudo pharmacists were as close to modern medicine as many people could get.




There were some interesting drawings….




And a back room were the cures were administered. Though why that fellow in the corner needs a hat, I’m sure I don’t know…

Next up was the reconstructed Capitol building.




The birthplace of American government if you will.




The flag flying at the entrance meant it was open for tours…




So we settled in to wait for the guide.




With the husband admiring the rather odd gutterless drainage system.




Which was really more of a moat.




If you’re interested, the history of the Capitol is here.  I’ll spare you the retelling and just post a few interior shots.




Local representatives met here, first to report to the crown….and then to form a new government.




The speaker had a throne… make of that what you will.




Here are the rooms our founding fathers formed the basis of the country we know today.




One can only imagine how they’d react to our current state of affairs.



I’d say that’s pretty close.




There was also a court where grievances and victims of crimes were given justice.




To me, the nicest part of the tour was when our guide proudly told us that he had helped officiate over the swearing in of 250 new American citizens on that day…. a 300 year old tradition lovingly continued on site.




Leaving the Capitol, we found the gaol, pronounced jail.




Which didn’t look too bad at first.




Until I realized that wasn’t the gaol.




The history of the gaol is here.




Many men and women were held here awaiting trial, and it doesn’t look like that would have been too comfortable.




The cells reminded me of horse stables.




And yes…




That is what you think it is.




Minus Mr. Whipple and his Charmin.




(We’ll visit the Public Hospital… read, lunatic asylum... another day)




The sound of that large door slamming shut?

Perfectly eerie.

The administration office was much nicer.




And it’s natural wreaths, nicer still.




All it needed was…




The clip clop of the carriage horses hooves to remind me how we could have been traveling.

Bad husband.











A Blogiversary.


Happy 1rst blogiversary to me!



A little more enthusiasm would be nice but yes, it’s been one year to the day since I joined WordPress.

And while I certainly wasn’t a blog virgin….



It did take a little time for me to adjust to my new home.

WordPress is a larger and more diverse platform than my previous sites, and though it’s also filled with more businesses and spam than I was used to…. I admit I’m enjoying it more as well.




Blogging means different things to different people and my posts have certainly changed over the years. They used to be filled with personal details, family strife, and raw emotion …. but I was burned by that.



And switched to a light hearted, irreverent look at the world instead.





That book really exists…

“Go behind the exam room door to experience the secret lives of doctors and patients. Enjoy Pap parties. Meet the Chlamydia Clown. Win a free kitten with your physical! In this laugh-till-you-cry health care handbook, you’ll learn how fun it is to be a doctor–and a patient.”
I haven’t read it…
But feel I should, and report back.


Finding a tribe of like minded odd balls has helped me settle in here.



So to all of you slightly disturbed souls I call friends…

The loons who regularly tune in for my mindless drivel?




I shall endeavor to provide more of the same high quality nonsense…

And continue to answer some of life’s most difficult questions.