Calling all hot flashing menopausal women….


(And partners of these women, male or otherwise…. if they want to earn some brownie points.)

Are hot flashes making you feel like you live on the surface of the sun?



Forget black cohosh.




Forget soy.


I tried both, and they didn’t touch my heat.



But this?

This works.




A personal, portable tiny air conditioner.




Soak the filter in cold water, then put it in the freezer.



Fill the reservoir with cold water…




Position it on your desk, coffee table, bedside table… point the lever straight at your face –

And let her rip.




I found mine at Home Depot for $39.99 and I’m happy.




Not as happy as I would be stepping into a sub zero walk in freezer…

But who has room for one of those in the living room?


36 thoughts on “Calling all hot flashing menopausal women….”

    1. Don’t make me hurt you.
      Funny story…. my husband has listened to me sweat (yes, occasionally it’s noisy) for the past 4 years. He’d roll his eyes and think I was being overly dramatic….saying it couldn’t be THAT bad. Then…
      Then he had triple bypass and experienced a few post surgical hot flashes. OMG, you’d have thought he was roasting on an open flame. He whined and complained non stop. Not so funny when it’s happening to you.
      If he even begins to give me the stink eye now? I remind him.

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      1. Night sweats are hot flashes, they’re just done in the dark. Fun aren’t they? Imagine having at least 20 of them a day and you’ll walk a mile in my shoes. ( which I don’t do anymore because I’m too damned hot!)

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      2. Perhaps with some training, you can channel that heat through your hands enough to cook your dinner?
        *** I understand a lot of mutants start with scary (uncontrolled) abilities. 😉

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  1. I’ve seen this and actually contemplated buying one, not for me but for my son who lives with me. We don’t have refrigerated air in the rental home I have, it’s a plain old swamp cooler, and I can live with that. But since I’m the one who pays the utility bills, I draw the line at leaving the air on all night long. But he says its too hot, so I think if River gives this a thumbs up, it’s worth buying. 😉

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    1. Well, it’s not a real air conditioner mind you. It isn’t going to cool a room. I just use it as an auxiliary when I’m in the middle of a flash, blowing full bore on my face. It does give cool air but only if you’re very close.

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      1. And that’s all I need, so my son can have it on his freaking night stand to help him cool down. At least this way he can use it in his room instead of having the air on all night cooling down the entire house and wasting energy.

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  2. Can’t say I have the pleasure of hot flashes, though I have had a couple or so in my lifetime, usually brought on by wizards in cath labs and radio imaging.
    But I do remember raw uncontrolled emotions after the first open heart surgery. I never had unfiltered emotions until then. Snook just shrugged and said, now you know how I feel.
    Not one ounce of sympathy in that woman …

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  3. That’s an excellent lil doohickey. I’ll keep that in mind. I had a lot of hot flashes about five years ago, and rarely now, but night sweats. I’m having the longest transitional stage everrrrrr, and feel like I’ll never make it to crone.

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