WWF – Woodchuck division.


Warning…  woodchuck cuteness ahead.




Yes, I’m afraid so.




The babies are still sleeping on our deck.




As well as still slightly off center when eating.




And yes, momma chucker is still in dire need of support undergarments.




But this is new a feeding position….




And this gives me cause to wonder if woodchucks really do chuck wood.




But the best parts lately are the wars.

Mock battles between the babies.

Serious cuteness!




Funny little scampers.

I could watch them all day…


28 thoughts on “WWF – Woodchuck division.”

  1. How many chuckles could a woodchuck chuckling make us chuckle if a chuckling woodchuck could make us chuckle like a woodchuck chuckling could?

    Wood that I knews,
    but I guess quite a fews,
    though fewer than when the boos,
    which follow my comment, ensues.

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  2. “I want the deck”
    “No, I want the deck.”
    “Then I’ll take the railing”
    “No, I want the railing.”
    “OK, I’ll take the step.”
    “No, I want the step.”
    Just like kids.

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