Things I like today… chapter 4.


I like…

This road sign we passed on a country lane.




Notice to salesmen – please move along.




I like…

Sitting on my deck reading,




And being quiet enough to have a few visitors drop by.




I like….

This kind of race.




I might get a little winded…

But at least I know I’ll be able to cross the finish line.




I like….

My fruit infuser pitcher.




I know I should drink gallons of water daily, but let’s face it…unless it’s toning down my bourbon?

I’m not really interested.




But chop up some fresh strawberries and let it sit overnight?

Quite tasty.

I’ve tried pineapple. Wonderful!

Mango? Meh.

Watermelon? No flavor at all.

Pear seemed like a good idea….




But it turned brown and slimy in mere hours… so no to pear.




(Don’t worry, it took me a minute to get it as well.)


I like…




This picture I took of my flower bed with a triple rainbow shadow.



27 thoughts on “Things I like today… chapter 4.”

    1. To be honest it started out as random pictures on my phone and me thinking… how do I fit those together for a post? But yes, if you look around? There’s usually something worth liking!

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  1. So I noticed that, 1) your back yard is getting even more beautiful as the summer goes on and 2) you have some very foxy visitors coming by but 3) are you reading a book about the “devil?” lol. I have a similar water infuser pitcher, I like cucumber and mint, very refreshing 😉

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    1. 1. Thanks, it’s the height of summer so everything is blooming. 2. We have a pair who visit every night. They’re denning in our woods. 3. The book was about a pyschological theory called the Devil Aspect. 4. Ooh…cucumber mint? I need to try that!

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    1. Thanks.
      The outbuilding that looks like an old barn is actually a new 2 story barn with a farmers porch my husband built, or I should say started, a few years ago. It’s still not finished.

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