Because apparently… this is a thing.



You all know I like them. You all know my husband is the evil man who won’t let me have them.

(Okay, so in complete honesty he says I can have them… but I have to be the one who goes out in the minus 20 degree winter temperatures to feed, water, and clean the coop in mid January and we all know that’s not happening.)



Yeah… no.

But if I did have them?

I would totally be on board with the latest chicken trend.












In tutus!




Granted, not all of them look thrilled with the idea.




And okay, watch out for that one. He looks homicidal….

But chickens in tutus!

It’s a good thing.



Thank you Martha.

I thought you might.



36 thoughts on “Because apparently… this is a thing.”

  1. Like Rusty, I haven’t had my first cup’o joe, but……, no chicken tutus. I think they’d go on peck you to death when you fall asleep at night. Chickens are like the mob, they hold grudges, they don’t forget and they will make amends.

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      1. Uhh….no, but I think chickens would agree, they already have feathers and don’t need additional accessories because their feathers are their fashion statement. Go Chickens! Rebel against current fashion trends, BE YOUR CHICKENY SELFS!!!!!

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  2. Here’s one reader who isn’t in the “very anti-chicken group.” I say chickens don’t belong outside in “a blizzard at 20 below” — or even at 20 below in no blizzard. The least you can do in such weather is bring them in to a warmer place, like your refrigerator (if you want to be fastidious, spread newspapers on the shelves). This will also give you a good excuse to buy an extra fridge (like the basic model you prefer) to move the cold food into….though you may have to duke it out with hubby as to which fridge gets the chickens and which fridge gets the food.

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    1. As soon as they discover a self cleaning chicken? I may be able to talk my husband into a flock…
      I mean really, is it too much to ask for them to do a little light housekeeping? Geesh.


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