Too good not to share…


I was cruising FB the other day and saw a post from a realtor friend of mine.

It was a collection of mondo bizarro things agents find in homes they’re hired to sell and it was too damned funny not to share.

So Part 1 starts now.




For those days when it’s too damned hot to actually go outside and jump in the pool.




My husband once put a desk together backwards, so this really cracks me up.




Aside from the glaringly obvious yellow vomit color scheme?

There are way too many eyes in this bathroom for me to be comfortable doing my business.





They’re not just for windows anymore…




When you want carpet in the bedroom, and your other half doesn’t.




I haven’t decided if this is a living room in a bathroom… or a bathroom in a living room. But either way?



37 thoughts on “Too good not to share…”

  1. That yellow bathroom reminds me of one a friend my mom has. Except hers was maroon, maroon everything including the tile, it was remodeled late 70’s early 80’s and, it’s still like that today. Except without all the Greek statues/busts, ugh how tacky.

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      1. Yep, me too so when we went to her house and had to use the powder room it was, to say the least “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-ish.” That’s the best I can describe that certain bathroom.

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  2. There was a shower in our basement when we moved in. The electrical fuse box was about a foot below the shower head and to the left of it.

    We said it was for the company that wouldn’t leave…..

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  3. “Indoor pool” is a strong selling point – until they actually see it. The upside down door was deliberate – so the cats or dogs can see what’s standing on the porch, but a potential burglar would have to crouch down to see in, which maybe would be a tip off to the neighbors. There are no words for the bile yellow bathroom. As for the living room/bathroom combo – I guess indoor plumbing is a new concept wherever that house is located, but I do wonder if that’s the house’s front door behind that sink – “Welcome! Come on in and have a sit!”

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  4. OH EM GEE! I want carpet in the bedroom and The Mister doesn’t. I will show him that photo directly, haha!
    These are some seriously interesting and disturbing photos. Thank you!

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