I love my town.


Want to put your finger on the pulse of your town?

Check out the Facebook group pages.




No matter how large or small your particular hamlet is, chances are someone, somewhere is administrating a page for it.

I haven’t had so much fun in years!

You’ll learn very quickly who the town gossips are, where to find a free 40 year old slightly faded recliner, which families have been feuding since 1923,  who stole the carrots off the honor system garden cart, the residents you should avoid at all costs, and where the best wild raspberries are found.

There are also important things like this:




That’s news you can use people!



Neighbors helping neighbors…


loud flying things


*Note to self- avoid the White Road*






Granted, if you live in the city you won’t have such interesting headlines.

But loose chickens can be a problem anywhere…






32 thoughts on “I love my town.”

  1. I’m not on FB so I can’t do this, but I think it’s a great suggestion. I’m curious about what the heck is really going on around here, but not enough to join FB. Maybe I’m better off being clueless– kind of used to it.

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  2. Reminds me of the time my dad got a call late at night (8:00). It was our neighbor and he asked my father how his pigs were. My father said, “Okay…” kind of bewildered at the call. The neighbor then said, “Here’s the thing, Bill. I’ve got three pigs in my yard and I think they might be yours”

    Now, chasing pigs in the dark is a WILD night…

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  3. Small town newspaper ‘criminal’ reports are hilarious.
    “So and So spun his tires on Skunk Hollow Lane”
    “So and So’s cow stood in the middle of the road for an HOUR!”
    “So and So was seen stumbling home from Krazy K’s at 3am”

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  4. You want ‘interesting’ headlines we will keep on giving you interesting headlines:

    Delray Beach News
    Palm Beach County News
    Local News

    Snake slithers in and pollutes water supply with E. coli

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  5. So here in Az they keep losing turtles. Except they are not turtles they are those 100+ lbs tortoise. How in the hell do you not notice it’s missing? Then there are the coyotes that are eating the cats and trying to cut in an old folks poker game. Yep all kinds of fun stuff here too LOL

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    1. I would think a 100lb tortoise is hard to miss… and Hell, I’m sure you can out run him. How far could he possibly get?
      As for coyote poker games…. that could be interesting!


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