As my garden grows…




Day lilies.




They’re vibrant…




And colorful…



(Is it me… or is that mildly disturbing?)




They’re prolific…





Long lasting…


light bulb


(Well that explains why my refrigerator died. They wanted it to.)




And easy to care for.

Plant… forget… and enjoy.




The same goes for Hostas, although they prefer some shade.

Everything is in marvelous bloom right now.




Except the sunflowers the chipmunk from Hell planted in my petunias.




They may take a while.



Happy gardening!

29 thoughts on “As my garden grows…”

    1. We had mockingbirds when we lived down south. They’re little devils… but I kind of miss them. We had one that would dive bomb our cat whenever he walked down the driveway. They’re ballsy!

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      1. Omg, yess bastards! The one in our back yard does that to my poor Charlie, but Charlie has a body guard named Keanu, lol. That bird never charges Keanu, he weighs about 17 lbs (his owner told us) he’s a huge cat but is fast as lightning. I’m just waiting for Keanu to catch it and we’ll be rid of it, yes I know but it’s so annoying in so many different ways…🙄

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  1. I can tell we’re in different parts of the country. I have some stuff that’s blooming and pretty, but I hate gardening in late summer. Everything that’s finished blooming is brown and wilting. It’s depressing. Not like spring when the things that aren’t blooming are still fresh and green and full of promise. Incidentally, I’m in zone 4. What zone are you in?

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  2. Your light bulb blurb reminds me of these fancy new bulbs we sell at work that claim to have a 44 year life. How in the hell could they possibly know that unless they have access to a time machine? The things they keep secret from us….

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