Pepper’s Landing


A restaurant review in which we make cocks out of mocks.



I’ll explain later…

Pepper’s Landing is a new seafood place we’d been wanting to try.




It follows the latest trend of slightly industrial looking spaces, with exposed duct work and open rafters.




Being Maine, naturally there’s a live lobster tank.

And being allergic, naturally they sat me right next to it. Cruel and unusual punishment to be sure.

There was also this handy technical breakdown for the lobsterly challenged among us.




I got a huge kick out of this as no Mainer worth their salt would ever eat the body (carapace).  Of course no Mainer would ever call it a carapace either.

Though  “Do not eat head” is always sound advice in a restaurant.



But call me crazy, I don’t think advertising your lobster as “stringy” and “gamey” is going to win many converts.

Moving on…




I opted for a blueberry martini, which was delightfully potent… but my girlfriend chose the Blue Atlantic mocktail….




And then added two shots of Grey Goose.

Putting the cock in her mock.

Fresh blueberries, fresh basil…. it was fabulous! And what we drank from then on.




We saw some massive bar pretzels going by, but opted for blueberry bbq wings…




And crab quesadillas instead.




Wings? Quite good.

Quesadillas? Not nearly enough crab.

Perhaps they fought back in the kitchen…



I chose the seafood pasta, which was basically scampi…




And though it looked bland…. it was fresh, perfectly cooked and with just the right amount of garlic.

Husband went with baked haddock in sherried butter and lobster cream sauce with asparagus.




Pardon the blurred photo, I think the Grey Goose was kicking in.




Dessert was cheesecake for the husband.




And a traditional Maine Whoopie Pie for me.

Slightly disappointing as it had been frozen and hadn’t thawed out properly. One should not risk breaking a tooth when one eats a Whoopie.


B – ,  but worth trying again.

32 thoughts on “Pepper’s Landing”

  1. That pretzel! Thumbs up for always managing to find one thing in each food post that I would actually want…

    I remember the first time our grocery store got a live lobster tank. I was a kid, and no where near the animal lover I am now… but when my Mom explained it to me what was going to happen to those poor things, I was horrified! It would be like having a chicken coop outside of KFC…

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  2. Sadly for me, lobster is traif … forbidden … but eating the carapace? Even us inlanders know better than that. Never ate lobster while I was traveling through there. Probably should have, but being a chowdah fan and having powerful cravings for it … well, yeah … a bit unnatural. My trips were very quick affairs … get in, get out. Main was no place for a big truck.

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  3. The drink prices are quite cheap compared to FT. Lauderdale prices–have enough blueberries and you have a cheap dinner!!!
    “Slightly disappointing as it had been frozen and hadn’t thawed out properly. ” Said by a woman who has eaten frozen Sarah Lee pie more than once!!

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  4. Local restaurant owned by…. locals? Odd. Maybe stringy and gamey are a warning? My directive would be more like Body of Lobster: to be eaten only if dying of starvation.
    Anyway, I want a Low Tide and your husband’s plate.

    Liked by 1 person

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