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Of tables, poorly placed rabbits and disappointing food.


After the husband decided on leather chairs for his man cave, the focus switched to a table to put in front of them. Having just spent two exhausting days in and out of a disturbingly high number of furniture stores, I was less than enthusiastic. And when I saw what kind of tables he was considering?



(Tables should not have wheels!) I was even less enthusiastic.



Thinking he’d taken leave of his senses, I cried Uncle and headed for the ladies room before our two and a half hour long drive home.



And if there was ever a stranger place to decorate with rabbits? I don’t know where it would be. No one needs a fluffle of Thumpers looking over their shoulder in a bathroom stall. Talk about performance anxiety… geesh. ( And yes, a group of rabbits really is called a fluffle. Which, when you think about it… is totally spot on. )

On the way home we stopped at a restaurant we’ve always enjoyed but haven’t frequented since early 2020.



Is the beer really better there? I don’t know, but they have an extensive list to be sure. They also pour some interesting martinis …..



So naturally I indulged in two Prickly Pears. The drinks were fabulous…



But tiny.. more like wide lipped shot glasses. And for $24? I’d like to take more than 4 sips.



While the food looked wonderful, shrimp stir fry for me… Parmesan baked haddock for the husband… both were dry as a bone, overcooked and cool when they reached the table. French onion soup forgotten and delivered with the meal? That’s a big no no. By the time the husband started his fish, it was stone cold. A disappointing visit to a place we used to love.


CSA and grocery store horrors.


This week’s offering from our CSA was a little lean on our end because there were a lot of things we don’t eat and elected to let our neighbor take.




Cilantro, bok choi, kale, turnips, spigarello, fennel, and kohlrabi? We passed.

But the chard was rainbow colored…




So there is that.

And in the continuing saga of bizarre grocery items found on my local shelves…..




Every possible mutation of pasta imaginable are still being pushed.




As is the ever present  (and still disgusting)  kale.

Delicious? I doubt it.

Crazy good? Not possible.

Stop the insanity and put kale back where it belongs…. in a rabbit’s colon. Other than the trash can, that’s the only proper place.




Thankfully there was one sane product line of which I took full advantage.




Let the grilling begin.









As my garden grows…




Day lilies.




They’re vibrant…




And colorful…



(Is it me… or is that mildly disturbing?)




They’re prolific…





Long lasting…


light bulb


(Well that explains why my refrigerator died. They wanted it to.)




And easy to care for.

Plant… forget… and enjoy.




The same goes for Hostas, although they prefer some shade.

Everything is in marvelous bloom right now.




Except the sunflowers the chipmunk from Hell planted in my petunias.




They may take a while.



Happy gardening!