I’m in love…. with a moth.


I know, it’s a little odd.

But if he was visiting your flowers? You’d love him too.




Meet Herman.




My hummingbird moth.




He’s been visiting everyday and I’m smitten.




Herman is special, and not often seen in these parts.






I know our love is doomed.

Interspecies relationships rarely work out….




But for now, I’ll enjoy every moment we share.






28 thoughts on “I’m in love…. with a moth.”

  1. River,
    Look, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s neither! It’s hummingbird moth! Does he turn into Mothman when the moon is full? Wait, is that when Mothman comes out? We don’t have a Mothman in Texas. And more importantly, does Mothman hum? Just kidding…I do see the attraction to your friend, though. He’s very cute. And an extremely hard worker. Mona

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