Things I don’t like today… Part 3


I don’t like….

Weed wacking around one of our stone walls and having a frog jump out in front of me.

I swear I didn’t see him…




And literally cut him in half.



I don’t like…..

Sitting at a bar and having a creepy disembodied head on a stick tied to a doll stare at me all night.




Like I need another reason to drink?



I don’t like….

Being disappointed.

Remember when I posted about the miracle of my husband cleaning out the garage, and how the old sink he brought home from the dump was gone?




Yeah. I found it in the barn.

Very disappointing.

And finally,


I don’t like….





Since my husband can’t decide when he’s going to retire, he’s forbidden any travel this year so he can sell back his leave.

Doesn’t he realize I’m duty bound to blog our adventures?

Damn it…

Now someone will beat to me to it!


32 thoughts on “Things I don’t like today… Part 3”

  1. Poor froggy! It was an accident, though – don’t beat yourself up about it. Hopefully it was over in an instant.

    I know what you mean about that last part. I’m going to Sedona for spring break and another blogger I follow has already blogged about it (sigh). 😉

    By the way, I just private messaged liveandletthai to see why he’s been AWOL.

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  2. It was frogicide, he jumped right in front of your weed wacker. As for that god awful sink, ugh… should just chuck it, I really don’t think he’ll remember he had it. I’m sorry to hear that your hubs can’t retire, but that doesn’t mean YOU can’t travel, lol.

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      1. He’s worked his whole life, since he was 12. And he’s not a go fishing, sit on the porch in a rocking chair type of guy…. I think the mere thought of retirement terrifies him.

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  3. I once ran the mower over a very hidden burrow bug by some of the local rabbits… which I only realized after about three or four baby bunnies took off like bats out of hell out of the hole (scaring the crap out of me) as I cleared it. Thankfully, no bunnies were chopped into pieces. I wish the city would buy my excuse that cutting the grass is endangering wildlife so I could get out of that chore…

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  4. You mean he really is going to retire from collecting useless ‘finds’?!?!?!
    You want to travel?? Just tell him you have to be in Fort Lauderdale on February 29, 2020 (when it is freezing in New England) to celebrate my becoming an adult plus that 26 ounce Margarita is waiting for you at the Tequila Sunrise restaurant!

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  5. The last time my husband weed-whacked, he told me he found a tiny frog (or toad, most likely). He didn’t whack it, it jumped away – and I’ve been searching for it ever since so I could maybe, finally, get one good frog photo. The darn frog (toad) is not cooperating.

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    1. My husband works 4 ten hour days and can retire whenever he wants. If he doesn’t take his 5 weeks vacation, he can sell it back. I’d rather take it because they’re going to tax the hell out of it anyway.

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  6. As it happens, the post I just posted on my blog is about retirement, but I don’t advise showing it to your hubby, or he may never retire. As for me, I’m going to retire right now (it’s past my bedtime).

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  7. I don’t like these things either.
    Also, that is our main bath sink. We have a much prettier faucet, but that’s the same sink. I set a lovely soapdish over the shell soap indent, cause I freakin hate it.

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