I love my town… Part 3.






For once, our small town’s Facebook page rose above the petty gossip and backstabbing and actually came in handy. Last night, along with the usual lost pig notices… there was a report of a dump truck flipping over, taking out a power line and closing the main road. This was helpful since my husband’s car had overheated and left him stranded on I-295. Knowing about the closure in advance saved me taking the out of the way detour.

Of course the page also had some other gems.




Rent a goat! There’s a start up sure to make a fortune.

Heck, they love to eat…



Are easy to transport….



And give great back massages.



How could you lose?

Then there was this:




Someone wants to cook pie for me?

That can’t be bad.




And finally, there was this heartfelt thank you note…




Moral of that story?

If you live in the country, always carry carrots and apples.




Okay, well….

There’s no correct amount of produce for that.


26 thoughts on “I love my town… Part 3.”

  1. As for the “rent-a-goat” thing, thats been done here in Georgia.
    In fact, I was asked if I would “rent” my goats out once, but they wanted the friendly type, and… well… mine aren’t all that nice.

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  2. Ahhh too bad you live all the way up north, there is actually a place in my hometown, which is about 19 miles east of El Paso that does just that, rents goats to clean yards. Actually they don’t rent they just “lend.” They’re just cool like that, lol.
    But the lady with the horse, carrots, apples she caught a horse! It doesn’t get any better than that! 😉

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  3. I’d like to lease a goat or two, just from when they’re babies up to full-grown. Strictly for cuddling and taking cute pics. How can something be so freaking adorable as a baby and then grow up to be so weird looking??

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  4. Our local page is mostly about complaints that the police don’t do anything – from people who don’t want to get involved by calling the police. However, I can rent a goat, or a small herd of goats for brush clean up.


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