Things I don’t like today… Part 4.


I don’t like….

Ordering flowers over the phone for a friend who just had surgery down in North Carolina. I wanted a large, impressive arrangement and was very specific with my request. I said….

No carnation fillers.

All pink and purple.

An interesting vase… definitely no clear glass.

So what did they deliver for $160?




A clear glass vase, filled with carnations… and a few yellow roses and orange gerber daisies stuck in for no other reason than to piss me off.

$160 worth of everything I didn’t want!



I don’t like….

Ordering a pair of hard to find little batteries from Amazon that fit in an envelope.




And having it come in a box.




Talk about overkill.




I don’t like…

Reading Maine native Stephen King’s latest,




And realizing he’s lost his touch.

This new book? Meh…

Don’t bother.


I don’t like…

Buying a tin of Altoids to keep in my car,




Getting them home and realizing…




They’re slightly past their prime.


Damn. That’s worse than what I have in the back of my kitchen cabinet.


I don’t like….

My husband getting called into work on a weekend because,




Some idiot doesn’t know how to steer his hot air balloon.


33 thoughts on “Things I don’t like today… Part 4.”

  1. Your flower situation reminds me of a scene from Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, where Myrna Loy is describing to the painter the colors she wants for the house. She describes them in perfect detail… “red, but not like a winesap… more like a rome apple but a little darker” and “yellow… I’ve got this spool of thread and it should look like this only less like goldenrod”. The whole time the painter is smiling and saying “yes, maam” at the appropriate points…

    When Myrna Loy leaves, the assistant asks, “So, what colors?” and the painter replies, “Red, yellow and blue”…

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  2. I’m with you on the Amazon box thing. It would be such good PR for them if they tried to get more environmental. Duh! And even if those flowers were EXACTLY what you asked for, $160 is an outrage!!! I just sent the husband 2 dozen roses for our 20th wedding anniversary and it came in at something like $55. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize they were being shipped from Ohio. What a waste of gas. Next time I’ll use local over 1800FLOWERS.

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    1. I did. I’ve used them for years and expected better customer service. When I explained the issue, the woman told me because I didn’t pick one of the FTD arrangements… it was “designer’s choice”. Well, if your designer doesn’t know pink from yellow, or purple from orange? You need a new designer. They’ve lost my business.

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  3. The flowers business is such a racquet. Prices are outrageous for sticking flowers in a glass. I’m sure florists will say it’s an artform, but it’s not that expensive of an artform for sure.

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  4. “$160 worth of everything I didn’t want!” And, of course, you called them and got 1) A complete refund 2) They sent your friend a completely new arrangement as you ordered it free of charge!! Right? Right! (I thought you might need a laugh about this time of day!)

    PS Shhhhhh–don’t tell him–I don’t like/read King’s books!

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  5. That’s a lot of unlikable. I had a similar flower experience on my mother’s birthday last month. What was delivered was a far cry from the order photo. I think we all know not ever florist is an inspired genius, but UGH. And for your $160, that’s a SHAME. SHAME.

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