Polar Caves Part 3. The caves… and more rocks.


The caves.




I’d like to tell you I explored them all.




But I’d be lying.




They were tiny, cramped, straight down and seriously dark.




So yours truly let the husband crawl through them while I took the bypasses above ground.




I know, a post about caves from above the caves doesn’t sound very satisfying….




But does that look at all comfortable?



I still got to walk through rocks…




And without all the bumps, bruises and scrapes the husband amassed that day.




Although there were some dead ends.




I’m not sure who named the caves…




But there certainly were a lot of them.




And some of the exits were awesome.








That’s a lot of rock.




Husband was happy as a clam. He used to go caving as a kid and it probably brought back some good memories. You know, like terror… and claustrophobia.

He kept trying to talk me into going down there with him, but when I peered down into the blackness?

I looked something like this….









I think he was a little nervous after reading the name of this one …




But he shimmied through quite well.




Then turned around and asked for my extra camera. (Pardon his language. Sh*t is a favorite word lately)




I left him happily exploring and snapping pictures in the dark… (which I won’t share with you because he can’t take a photo to save his life. They’re either blurry… or solid black) …and made my way around another bypass.




My appreciation for the people who built these boardwalks growing with each step.




Clearly no rock was harmed during the construction process.

Well done boardwalk designer.

Well done.

40 thoughts on “Polar Caves Part 3. The caves… and more rocks.”

  1. I am starting a gofundme collecting rocks for Cape Cod–all rocks from caves or otherwise accepted!
    I may also have to start a gofeedme fund–4 posts in a row without a sight of food!!!

    Mmmmmm–wondering if hubby used one of those deep down dark caves as an outhouse?!!?

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  2. I used to cave and spelunk when I was a kid/young person. I enjoyed adventure. Then, I was … 27-28? Went into a small cave I’d been in at least 10 times, had a panic attack and have not caved since. Don’t even think about it. Glad I did that when I was into it.

    Liked by 1 person

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