Cathedral Ledge Part 2.




Mountain views.




Valley views.




Vibrant autumn color.




And love locks… Cathedral ledge has it all.




Even lovers with a sense of humor.




It was glorious… and that was only the front half.




Walking along the sides, we made friends.




Took 100 more pictures….




And simply marveled at the beauty of nature.




Even the husband was quiet.




Honestly, there’s only so many times you can say wow.




It really was a special spot.



This way?








That way?





Gaze in wonder.

Take picture.





There were rocks!




And trees!




And they made me realize how blessed I am to live in a truly wonderful part of the world.




We made one final lap along the fence line…




And strolled a few final steps across those marvelous rocks…




I tried again…. unsuccessfully… to get a double selfie where the husband actually looks at the camera.



But no matter.




We took one last look and bid goodbye to a place I’d revisit in a heartbeat next time we’re in the area.



38 thoughts on “Cathedral Ledge Part 2.”

  1. It is simply breathtaking River. That one picture of your hubs makes me wonder if he’s thinking of getting back to the baby barn to finish it (or try to). If I had to caption it it would say “Hmm I wonder how my baby barn is doing right about now?” lmao

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  2. I spent about six months in Maine back in the early 90’s, but it was at a shipyard in Portland and in the dead of winter. One day I am going to go back, and to New Hampshire too. I prefer to do it via the Appalachian Trail.

    P.S. If you ever happen to be in Portland, and it’s still there, check out Napis Pizza. Above the bar should be a commissioning poster of my ship. I signed it Lee “Loveshack” Lovelace. A group of us sailors were the first customers they ever served and it became our hang out while we were in Maine.

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      1. Yeah, I actually just searched for it too. It’s closed down now. 😦 Makes me wonder what happened to all the memorabilia that used to hang in the bar.


  3. Thanks to your photos and videos from this trip I finally understand what all the “leaf peeping” buzz regarding part of the country is about, why it’s so popular. Simply gorgeous. Someday I hope to see it for myself. I appreciate being brought along for the ride.

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  4. If you really want to get your camera-shy hubby to face the music — I mean the camera — promise him you’ll never ever give him any more grief about bringing home junk treasures.

    Now that’s such a good idea, I should be a marriage counselor (just ignore my wife looking over my shoulder and laughing her head off).

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  5. I really do need to get off my bum and take a foliage tour of the northeast. The husband and I keep saying we’re going to do it, and then end up staying in Florida, where nothing changes except for the mugshots on my local news website.

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