Merry Christmas Eve interruption…


As you’ve probably guessed…  (Or if you hadn’t? You should have.)  we’re currently off on another adventure.

And have been for the last 11 days.



Yes, our annual Christmas vacation.

No holiday stress. No decorating. No cooking. No family drama. We leave it all behind, and have since December 2015.


Because I used to be Christmas crazy.




I spent a fortune, I decorated everything that stood still…. (yes, I’m ashamed to say there was even a tree on my toilet.)




I drove myself nuts finding the absolutely perfect gifts for people who didn’t appreciate it and cooked the absolutely perfect meal for family who couldn’t care less and always complained.

Maybe my mother dying was the catalyst. But in 2015 we took a trip to the Poconos…. had a blast, and never looked back.

Do I miss the beautiful live fir tree in the living room?





I also miss all the crazy outside lights.




The well house…




The stone wall…




The funky alligator….




And reindeer who were annually buried up to their butts in white stuff.




The lights in the windows…




And on the bushes.




The sparkling balls on the table…




That caught the sun and turned our living room into a Christmas disco.




The running reindeer on the garage.




The ribboned garlands….

Yes, I miss it all.

But do I miss the 2 solid weeks of work it took to get everything set up (in the snow , ice and wind) and the solid week of work it took to take it all down (in sub zero temperatures with ice and wind) ?

No. I most definitely do not.

But rest assured I’m not totally Grinchy this year, I did put up a tree.




This trip?  Williamsburg, Virginia until Dec. 30th. Meeting old friends and getting our geek on in a marvelous area filled with American history.

Colonial settlements? Check.

Revolutionary War? Check.

Civil War? Check.

I just hope 2 weeks is enough time.

And I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess there might be a few pictures to post when we get back.



Oh, don’t be so dramatic.

I should be done by …. June.




35 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Eve interruption…”

  1. I love that Charlie Brown tree on your table!! I have on just like it, although for the life of me I can’t find it, ugh. You were not at all Christmas obsessed, lol. I think going out of town for Christmas is a wonderful idea River. Be sure to find some rocks to take pictures of, lol.

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  2. Love the Charlie Brown tree! We have one on our dining room table as well. Guess what? I live 30 minutes from Williamsburg. We often take our dogs for a stroll at Colonial Williamsburg. They love to bark at the horses.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hurrah! That little sprig tree is just precious!
    I can’t wait to see photos from Williamsburg!
    I think my MIL is the only one who has any expectations about Christmas, and now she lives hours away. In 2000, we only had our older two kids and The Mister had plenty of time off and we skipped it, took the kids to Florida and had a great time. MIL not like that. I did that again in 2007 with just the two youngest. Twice, my husband was deployed and we didn’t do regular Christmas, but instead I took the kids shopping on Boxing Day. For me, the highlight of the holiday has always been baking, and I have missed that a few years, but the only right way to do Christmas is to enjoy it! Enjoy!

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  4. Yeah. My sentiments.
    Bah! Humbug!
    Turn off the TV … it is a sated binge of saccharin happiness
    Pull the blinds and hide from excess
    Contemplate the level of piety of those who found a connection between Santa Clause and the birth of a Messiah at the winter solstice.
    Mark the day as hump day in long winters depression.
    Open seed catalogs and a dream of spring.

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      1. I was going to say have a ducky Christmas, but I won’t, except I did.

        Sorry I had to take back my NO PUNS gift, but you enticed me into it, and what’s a poor helpless man to do when enticed by a beautiful girl?

        Merry Christmas!

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