Let’s Chat!


So a blog friend of mine has time warped me back into the ’90’s.




No, not that far.

Although the hair is close….

He’s started an old fashioned chat room and we’ve been playing around with it for the past few days.


chat room



Now that I think about it… he does have a Golden.

But if you have a minute and want some less than stimulating conversation, drop by and say hello!

Arionis’s time warp.

14 thoughts on “Let’s Chat!”

  1. You’ve given us a fascinating topic to discuss, specifically why did those two guys decide to look like Yanni? I’m willing to forgive the fashion choices, but one Yanni in the world is more than enough. We don’t need more guys who look like magicians but whose only trick is convincing people to buy their CDs.
    Also a topic for the ’90’s: remember CDs?

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