I love my town…. Part 7.


It’s time to take a look at my local Facebook page again.

And when I did, I realized how critter-centric it’s been lately.





Goats were on the loose again.




And apparently craving pumpkin pie.


IMG_9763 (2)


This was a bit disturbing.

It’s not often someone is actively seeking deer guts, even around here.




Makes you wonder what this poor guy did.

“…for whatever purpose you would like.” probably doesn’t bode well for that bird.




And speaking of Sunday dinner –




As much as I’d like to come home to a nice meal, the thought of letting a stranger into my kitchen to cook seems a bit odd.

They might find that fuzzy, 11 month old spear of asparagus that got pushed to the back of the fridge… and that’s bound to be embarrassing.

And lastly, there was some news on the crime beat.




Duck theft.

Because sometimes people can’t help themselves.



26 thoughts on “I love my town…. Part 7.”

  1. Over a dozen goats from my neighbors got loose. My brother and I saw them on the dirt road outside our house. They just stared blankly at us… But, when we turned our backs, they all advanced on us.

    We finally took off at a sprint…

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  2. Are you ever not online? Every time I wander into blogland you are here either sharing your observations or leaving comments. I’m in awe of your dedication to the art of blogging. Nicely done, my dear. I wish I could be so attentive, but alas I’m more scattered.

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    1. I’m everywhere… looking over your shoulder as we speak.
      Actually I’m just a mobile addict… and now that my husband is working at home and I have to be quiet? Tend to check in here much more than I should.

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      1. I always do it with the vacation posts… but this last series took so long I’ve had to add more timely blogs in the afternoon. Too much ridiculousness… not enough time!

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  3. “I will come to your house & have everything ready for you. No grocery shopping, preparation, or cleanup…” Just ignore the plastic sheeting covering all surfaces to prevent forensic evidence transferal. Clean up will be a breeze!

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  4. Why aren’t duck decoys ‘water suitable’? Did they get taken indoors when it rained?
    ‘Good weather for ducks.’
    ‘Not mine mate, they hate it.’


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