Hey bartender….


*Disclaimer – This blog was written before the viral pandemic shut everything down.*


The following are subtle clues that let you know you might be spending a little too much time at your local pub.

1.    They greet you by name when you walk in, like they did with Norm at Cheers.

2.    They discourage people from sitting in your favorite corner spot at the bar.

3.    They hang a bell to ring when you give a good tip or buy a round.

But the least subtle clue of all?




When the bartender is about to place an order with a new small batch craft distillery…




And asks you which rum you’d prefer.



28 thoughts on “Hey bartender….”

  1. This is the way I felt when I walked into most of my favorite fast food places. They usually had the order rung up before the door even closed behind me.

    By the time I get to come back, they will have all forgotten my usuals…

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  2. Back in the day I had a place like that. I had complete control of the bar TV remote no matter what was on when I walked in. I tried to be accommodating but when someone was watching tennis instead of football when I got there, I had to pull rank. They got pissed and caused a stink and were asked to leave by the manager saying, “When you’ve patronized this place as long as Lee has then maybe you’ll get to control the remote on day. But don’t count on it.”

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