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Hey bartender….


*Disclaimer – This blog was written before the viral pandemic shut everything down.*


The following are subtle clues that let you know you might be spending a little too much time at your local pub.

1.    They greet you by name when you walk in, like they did with Norm at Cheers.

2.    They discourage people from sitting in your favorite corner spot at the bar.

3.    They hang a bell to ring when you give a good tip or buy a round.

But the least subtle clue of all?




When the bartender is about to place an order with a new small batch craft distillery…




And asks you which rum you’d prefer.



White Mountains trip, Day 4. Mother Walker Falls




Never let it be said I’m not up for a good waterfall.

Sadly, this Mother wasn’t.




It sounded promising, so we headed down.




And while it was a pretty spot, I didn’t see a whole lot falling.




Oh, there were stacked rocks.




And precariously balanced rocks…




But even when we followed the sound of running water, there wasn’t much falling.



I’m sure it’s much more impressive in the spring.




But we still enjoyed the walk, the day, and…



The rocks.




A scenic drive…




Some foliage…




Some mountains…




And a lovely old bed and breakfast later….




We followed someone’s advice and stopped for a meal at the Sudbury Inn in Bethel.




Tucked away out back, down some dark steps… we found what I can only describe as the local dive bar.




Local workmen at the bar (shooting us disgusted looks) and slumming prep school students from Gould Academy made up the clientele. Uncomfortable chairs, spotty silverware and a disinterested (borderline surly) bartender/waiter… who made us wait longer than he had to… made us question why we were there.




But despite the business card decorated ceiling and questionable decor…




There was surprisingly good food and at least 2 dozen beers on tap.

Mr. Personality even accommodated the husband’s preference for grilled chicken with his chicken parm.




Which just goes to show you can’t judge a bar if you’re from out of town…. or something like that.

Our 4th day ended at our resort with us walking past the strange carved bear out front.




If I didn’t know better, I’d swear he was praying for new carpet.



Things I don’t like today… Part 3


I don’t like….

Weed wacking around one of our stone walls and having a frog jump out in front of me.

I swear I didn’t see him…




And literally cut him in half.



I don’t like…..

Sitting at a bar and having a creepy disembodied head on a stick tied to a doll stare at me all night.




Like I need another reason to drink?



I don’t like….

Being disappointed.

Remember when I posted about the miracle of my husband cleaning out the garage, and how the old sink he brought home from the dump was gone?




Yeah. I found it in the barn.

Very disappointing.

And finally,


I don’t like….





Since my husband can’t decide when he’s going to retire, he’s forbidden any travel this year so he can sell back his leave.

Doesn’t he realize I’m duty bound to blog our adventures?

Damn it…

Now someone will beat to me to it!