Biding our time….


In the time of Corona Virus.

Why is it that 3 weeks on vacation flies like the wind, but 3 weeks staying home feels like 6 months?

I know I shouldn’t complain. We’re blessed my husband can work from home and keep a steady paycheck.  But Lord…. what I wouldn’t give for Direct TV to gasp it’s last breath.

My husband is a news hound. Which is mildly annoying any other time… but now?

It feeds the hypochondria he inherited from his mother and his sometimes slightly paranoid nature.

No, I don’t want to hear the new death toll number.

And no, I definitely don’t want to see another Presidential news conference which are anything but.




If only.

In other news, our stores are still out of toilet paper. And people are posting sightings like it’s Bigfoot…. or something hovering over Roswell, New Mexico.

“There’s a dozen packages of Cottonelle on Aisle 6, Hannaford in Westbrook.”


“A new shipment of  Charmin on Aisle 10, Shaws in Rockland?”



IMG_2951 (1)


It really is ridiculous.

And makes you wonder what we’re going to do if this trend continues.




Uh oh.

22 thoughts on “Biding our time….”

  1. I’m now seeing a bunch of ads on my Facebook timeline for bidets and bidet attachments. There’s one with a woman sitting next to it in the middle of her livingroom, just staring at it and smiling. Truly bizarre.

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  2. My husband works with the news on at work, so he hates the news. We only see the news at work when our bosses are like, “OMG come see this” so I am the annoying one at home 😉
    Dog meme is excellent!

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  3. That comic is spot on. Sadly, most people do not realize it…

    And I am so effing glad that I still get to work on site. I’m as much of a homebody as anyone, but I would not tolerate shutting myself in for weeks at a time. Absolutely not…

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  4. We had to institute a once a day virus update in this house to keep my sanity intact.

    We finally ran out of toilet paper and could not find any. Our neighbor was kind enough to give us a pack out of their stash.

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      1. Unfortunately one of the medications I take to eliminate excess ammonia in my system due to my liver disease requires frequent throne sitting in order to accomplish the task. Moderation is not an option. 🙂

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