How bored was I yesterday?


Tiptoeing around the house quietly while the husband is teleworking is not my forte, so I tried to find something sedentary and silent to do as not to disturb his process.

Yesterday this involved scrolling through a news feed on my phone.

Sick to death  (no pun intended!)  of the current global health crisis, I found myself reading an article called “Jason Bateman deserves to be taken seriously.”





This is how far I’ve fallen.

And because I realize there might be a few other desperate house bound tiptoers out there?


Feel free to melt your brain as well.

25 thoughts on “How bored was I yesterday?”

  1. You are watching Ozark? I couldn’t get in more than 15 minutes and I think JB is HOT.
    Dead to me…is hilarious.
    Rewatching the West Wing.
    Forensic Files is almost over and I’m almost an expert on solving crimes now.
    Watched 1,2 and 3 of the Indiana Jones series. Tonight is #4 and then I’ll be adrift. Any suggestions???

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    1. Never seen Ozark, just read the article. Never seen any of the other ones you mentioned either. I’m an HBO and Starz series fan. Can’t watch drama on commercial tv. Drives me nuts!

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      1. I did satellite internet for a couple of years – it was okay but at over 100$ a month…
        Then I went with another internet line (it was 90$ for the two lines), my son (the gamer) moved out so I got rid of the second line. After 6 months — guess who moved back home… yeah… much to my displeasure. :-{

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      2. We have Direct tv but I never went with satellite internet. Everyone I talked to up this way had trouble with it. No cable this far out so I’m stuck with broadband through our phone company.


  2. So are you saying you a pro or anti Jason Bateman being taken seriously? I have watched 1 1/2 seasons of Ozark. I need to get back to it. I started watching The Outsider because I’m a Steven King fan and was enjoying it until about the 4th episode when things really started to grind to a very slow progression and by the 6th episode I had given up on it.

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  3. Hey, I’ve been taking Jason Bateman seriously ever since I was a devoted watcher of It’s Your Move, and I may be the only person to put “devoted watcher” and that show together in a sentence without prefacing it with “not a”.
    Granted there wasn’t much else on, and Bateman’s smugness–which is what that show was all about–could be annoying, but he seems like a really decent guy, and I think he’s a better actor than he often gets credit for.

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  4. I am being very, very quiet here, too. My husband is working from home and while he jibber jabbers all day long, I am the proverbial church mouse, doing my thing without making any sounds. It’s weird.

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