How bored was I yesterday?


Tiptoeing around the house quietly while the husband is teleworking is not my forte, so I tried to find something sedentary and silent to do as not to disturb his process.

Yesterday this involved scrolling through a news feed on my phone.

Sick to death  (no pun intended!)  of the current global health crisis, I found myself reading an article called “Jason Bateman deserves to be taken seriously.”





This is how far I’ve fallen.

And because I realize there might be a few other desperate house bound tiptoers out there?


Feel free to melt your brain as well.

25 thoughts on “How bored was I yesterday?”

  1. You are watching Ozark? I couldn’t get in more than 15 minutes and I think JB is HOT.
    Dead to me…is hilarious.
    Rewatching the West Wing.
    Forensic Files is almost over and I’m almost an expert on solving crimes now.
    Watched 1,2 and 3 of the Indiana Jones series. Tonight is #4 and then I’ll be adrift. Any suggestions???

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      1. I did satellite internet for a couple of years – it was okay but at over 100$ a month…
        Then I went with another internet line (it was 90$ for the two lines), my son (the gamer) moved out so I got rid of the second line. After 6 months — guess who moved back home… yeah… much to my displeasure. :-{

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      2. We have Direct tv but I never went with satellite internet. Everyone I talked to up this way had trouble with it. No cable this far out so I’m stuck with broadband through our phone company.


  2. So are you saying you a pro or anti Jason Bateman being taken seriously? I have watched 1 1/2 seasons of Ozark. I need to get back to it. I started watching The Outsider because I’m a Steven King fan and was enjoying it until about the 4th episode when things really started to grind to a very slow progression and by the 6th episode I had given up on it.

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  3. Hey, I’ve been taking Jason Bateman seriously ever since I was a devoted watcher of It’s Your Move, and I may be the only person to put “devoted watcher” and that show together in a sentence without prefacing it with “not a”.
    Granted there wasn’t much else on, and Bateman’s smugness–which is what that show was all about–could be annoying, but he seems like a really decent guy, and I think he’s a better actor than he often gets credit for.

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  4. I am being very, very quiet here, too. My husband is working from home and while he jibber jabbers all day long, I am the proverbial church mouse, doing my thing without making any sounds. It’s weird.

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