I have a question.


So if someone could tell me what this is?

That would be great.




Because I was out shopping with a girlfriend a month ago and found something on the ladies clearance rack I can’t explain.



Let’s ignore the fact it’s butt ugly.

And there’s a random patch of black lace on a sweatshirt.

Let’s also ignore the clashing colors of the plastic gewgaws on the breast.




What. The. Utter. F*ck?

Is there a group of low limbed mutant women roaming my state?



Or maybe they have 4 arms….. and can’t decide if they want to go sleeveless.

Either way, I can’t begin to fathom how anyone else would be able to wear this monstrosity.


32 thoughts on “I have a question.”

  1. These “sleeves” are (probably) not sleeves at all. Maybe they are meant to be tied, or… or… oh I don’t know

    Have you seen any of those fashion shows from (uhh) -I’m guessing… Europe. That’s some crazy stuff.

    Still… musta been a hot seller at one time – …to only have one left on the rack.

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  2. So, the hubs replied matter of factly, “You mean you haven’t seen those yet? You can also buy jeans with the pockets out. You tie the sleeves around your waist.” He looked at me like duh…. I have a 16 year old maybe they know something I don’t…..

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    1. If you’re wearing it as a sweatshirt tank top… which is ridiculous enough… why would you need to tie extra arms around the waist. That makes no sense whatsoever!


  3. Maybe a sleeveless top for a pet dog who suffers from unusually cold (and long) legs? But then, what would it be doing in a human clothing store? If you ever figure out the truth, you must post about it. I will not be able to sleep until this mystery is solved.

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