The Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine…. A. Wyeth, a fiber crow and some claws.


This is a place I’ve always wanted to visit but never have… so on a rainy, blustery day a while back? We did.

The Farnsworth  is famous in these parts for it’s extensive collection of Maine artists….




With the Wyeth’s being front and center.

I’ve always liked Andrew, and on the day we visited there was a special exhibit of his work from WW1.




Art is a strange thing, and totally subjective… so what moves me might leave you flat.

But hey, it’s my blog. My choice.

This simple painting of a helmet filled with pine cones for example.




You’ll have to pardon the reflections in a lot of these shots…. it’s nearly impossible to avoid with the bright gallery lights and glass.




While not known for his portraiture…




This series of photos showing Wyeth at work was quite interesting.

As was the case filled with drawings he did at the age of 8.





I’m pretty sure my 8 year old artwork looked something like this:




The next gallery showcased Wyeth’s Maine pieces.




And trust me, they really capture the feel of our coast.




There was also a section of these…








Which looked much better without the reflection of the paintings from the other side of the room.




But you get the idea.




Nothing says Halloween in Maine like a skeletal ship’s captain.




Making our way through the museum we found a fiber artist….




Who had some unusual installations…




Proving that art comes in all shapes and sizes.




Down the stairs and into the main gallery…




A tribute to Maine’s agrarian culture…




And it’s crustaceans.




Yes, that is a marvelous pile of blown glass lobster claws.




It should be noted that while I grew up strolling happily around MOMA in New York, the husband has absolutely no tolerance for modern art.




And I have to admit….. watching him puzzle over what he’s looking at is half the fun of visiting museums together.




I keep telling him that it’s more important to experience art, to feel it… than to understand it.




But he just wrinkles his nose and says….

“Yes. But what the hell is it?”




There were a few  Rockwell Kent  pieces….




Whose work has sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As well as this:




A table to draw a self portrait.




Which made me very glad we hadn’t run into this fellow.

To be continued….





18 thoughts on “The Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine…. A. Wyeth, a fiber crow and some claws.”

  1. I had never really been thru an art exhibit (except local stuff on a table once) till I went to see Georgia O’Keefe when I was in SF. OMG I fell in love and want to go back.

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  2. I remember Wyeth from Art Appreciation classes, but was thinking he was active in the early 1900’s. I did a double take when I saw the 1976 date… then a triple take when I saw he only died 11 years ago. Shows how well I paid attention to the parts of that class that didn’t involve nude models…

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      1. My MIL took me to my first musical while I was dating my husband – then boyfriend, it was Phantom or something. I fell asleep. And museums, there is too much walking and reading involved.

        But a blog about museums, that I can do! Go ahead and enlighten me with your trips!

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