Farnsworth Part 2…..


Continuing our stroll around the museum, we found abstract landscapes…




A necklace challenged woman…




And a large amount of love.




The husband still had that  what the hell am I looking at  puzzled look on his face… and read all the detailed descriptions in hopes of enlightenment.




And speaking of light….




While I’m generally not a fan of realism, the play of light and shadows in this piece were spectacular.




And now?





I found a rock!




As well as a nude on a mushroom.

Bet you’ve never seen that before.




Upstairs we found the Maine gallery.




Which welcomed us with bloody fish guts.

I’d have preferred an apple martini, but whatever.




There were Maine scenes.




Including this melancholy piece of women waiting for their men to return from the sea.




There was an extremely long panoramic of Main Street, Rockland in the 1800’s.




Did you know it’s known as the Lobster Capitol of the World?

You do now.




There was a model ship, which after those amazing examples we’d seen in Virginia…. looked like a 4 year old had built it.




Btw… did you know it’s bad luck to say the word pig on a lobster boat? I’ve known fisherman who won’t even bring a ham sandwich on board…. though no one could ever tell me where that started.




What does this have to do with Maine? Other than the fact it’s made with seashells, I have no idea.

I’ve certainly never seen a lobsterman wear one.




I’ve also never seen one wear that.

For which I am quite thankful…..




Done with the museum, I picked a restaurant on the Camden waterfront.




It had a nice view.




And a tasty Maine sipper.




But the husband wasn’t satisfied with the small lunch menu, so we just had clam chowder….




And wondered when that eagle was going to swoop down and snag a piece of fish.

Though I suggested a few other places to eat, the husband opted for Chinese take out…




Which was disappointing, again. It seems no matter how many places we try, they’re always awful.

My shrimp lo mien? Tasted like soap.

The beef and broccoli? Like they used Alpo for sauce.


19 thoughts on “Farnsworth Part 2…..”

  1. I admire you for not killing your hubs for making you eat Chinese takeout, seriously your restraint must be amazing. I would have been, to say the least, a bit miffed. The museum is a gem, love most of the art. 😎😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The reason they won’t have anything to do with a p-I-g, including saying the name, is that a p-I-g can see the wind and they can cause a storm.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Further to p-i-g, they would refer to one as Mr. Dennis, on our fishing schooners. It goes right along with no schooner fisherman ever whistling. That would “blow up” a storm.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I am proud of you–more food than rocks!!
    I’ve been nude on mushrooms but I don’t think you want to hear THAT story!!

    Who was the guy who did the LOVE sculpture??? H e was famous for knowing them and I met him once–long time ago–can’t remember his name!!

    Liked by 1 person

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