A little pandemic humor.


(Because we all need to laugh or we’ll kill the spouses we’re locked in the house with.)

This person found an interesting, albeit slightly creepy…. way to re-purpose Amazon boxes.



Imagine putting a leash on that and taking it out for a walk?

Here…. our niece’s son used his spare time to jump on a trampoline with his chicken.


                                 The chicken was unavailable for comment.


I admit I didn’t know about the latest ribbon trend…



But I sure do wish I lived in this fellow’s neighborhood.


Margarita home delivery?

Long live the quarantine!

30 thoughts on “A little pandemic humor.”

  1. Your niece’s son should put his chicken on a lease and take it for a walk to show the Amazon box eggsactly how it’s done. Together, they could probably scare away any neighborhood dogs that come up to investigate (though the box might first get peed on).

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  2. I know some local distilleries have switched from making drinkin’ alcohol to making hand sanitizer, but I hope enough stick to the usual stuff to keep the margarita supply flowing.
    Alcohol in any form is an anti-viral after all.

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  3. The picture of the little boy with his chicken brought back memories. My daughter and her friend used to jump on the tramp with our cat. They’d take turns holding it under the front legs and it would hang like a rag doll and let them bounce with it. I’ve never seen anything like it and wish I’d had a cell phone back then to video. Thanks for a fun memory and some extra smiles.

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