Who? What! Why….?


Who would invent such a thing?

What would make them think this was a good idea?

And why would anyone ever want to buy it?


Wonder what I’m talking about?

It’s this:




You read that correctly.

Brewers in Poland have developed a fermented beer made from the vaginal lactic acid of beautiful women.

Doesn’t that sound yummy?




If you want to read more about it…..  here.

The entire idea is as ridiculous as it is disgusting, which is why I had to blog about it.




Because if this crap has to rattle around in my brain?

I need to make sure it rattles around in yours as well.


29 thoughts on “Who? What! Why….?”

  1. Oh no…for the first time I cannot cope with this. I have to go and read a dictionary or something to eradicate this information from my brain. I am not going to be able to sleep at night with this knowledge!

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