No soup for you!


I ventured out to the grocery store again this morning and was feeling a bit gangsta.



Although in retrospect, a pink butterflied gangsta probably wasn’t all that frightening.

Still no toilet paper or flour on the shelves…. and may I just say?

This is getting old.

It’s been what, almost 2 months since the virus started spreading? Come on people…. the supply chain is still moving, food is still available. Stop the panic buying FFS!




The soup Nazi made an appearance.



Apparently, the run on soup has begun.



Unless you want creamy cauliflower or butternut squash.

There was plenty of that.



33 thoughts on “No soup for you!”

  1. Our grocery stores are just now beginning to restock. But just in case, we’re buying a little more than we need when we can find it (stores are limiting the amount of each item that can be purchased in one trip) – never know when the next wave will hit. (BTW, I like butternut squash soup; I have a couple cans in the house now. If our store had cauliflower cream soup, I’d probably get that, too. Sounds yummy to me.)

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  2. If worse comes to worse with the tp shortage, you can always use a toothbrush and rinse it out after every wipe. I suggest the kind with soft bristles — also, you might want to keep it separate from the one you brush your teeth with. One can’t be too careful these days.

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  3. If you are hungry enough (yes – I believe, even you) will eat kale soup.

    As for the gangsta butterfly mask…
    I THAT scares me – I just don’t know what to expect from someone who would wear such a thing.

    We have name brand flour at our local dollar general – but no toilet paper ~js

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  4. As soon as the soup comes in here, it is sold out. We’re stocked on actual soup, but the ramen and cup noodles the girls like has been hard to find for 6 weeks. My lady Brenda at the Walgreens put some aside for them 🙂
    TP we bought in early April is still goin, and we’ve got another 12 or so rolls in the linen closet. We’ve commented on how this TP (not our usual brand) is a miracle on the level of oil that burned for eight days.

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