Well, you can’t blame him.


Our resident chucker was a bit ticked off the other day.




He was out back in the sun, enjoying a few apples…




Happily posing for pictures….

And an hour later?





One cold woodchuck.




We had a squall move in from out of nowhere.




And I’m sure he was rethinking the decision to come out of hibernation.




No, he wasn’t happy.




With the snow…. or me.

29 thoughts on “Well, you can’t blame him.”

  1. Not sure what’s going on here: you appe’ar to have a black background and dark blue text. I can’t read the words in your post unless they’re links without highlighting them….


      1. That’s fine, it’s through the reader, which I think has its own theme. (Does your own site appear to have a black background to you? If so, what colour is the text?)


      2. Well, to be honest … you’re the first person to ever say there was a problem. I’ve had other comments on this post and they could view the pictures.
        And besides, it’s only our resident woodchuck.


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