This is what it’s come to.


During the plague and it’s subsequent lock down, women haven’t had many reasons to dress up.

No dinner out, no theater, no cocktail parties. Most of the time we’re schlepping around the house in our favorite yoga pants and a ratty tee shirt.

Trips to the grocery store are now big occasions. Outfits must be coordinated and accessorized accordingly.

So tell me, how’d I do?




Grey sweater, pink and grey floral mask.

I’m ashamed to admit I now have at least a dozen masks in assorted patterns and colors.

Pathetic, but what’s a girl to do? It’s the new fashion staple.

Nothing too exciting on the grocery store trip this time around…. there’s still no toilet paper.




Or flour, or soup.

But now we can add pasta to the list of hoarded items.

The only kind I could find?



Turmeric spaghetti.

To which I say not just no….

But Hell no.

21 thoughts on “This is what it’s come to.”

  1. We have toilet paper, finally, but the shelves are getting bare of meat. Not sure how much of it is panic buying and how much of it has to do with what’s going on with the meat industry. I told Mark we’re going to have to start buying meat from some of the different local farms instead.

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  2. Turmeric spaghetti? What demented soul at the pasta factory came up with that? They couldn’t have had many school friends. I mean, if you DID want it, couldn’t you add just a little turmeric to the spaghetti?

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  3. The aisles have been stocked here fully, and we’re even holding car rallies and close-knit protests and my friends are throwing a big Cinco de Mayo pool party tonight.

    When this thing finally hits here we’re finished.*

    (*We as in “they.” I have not attended any such events and I still plan to have my margaritas with big, fluffy goldens tonight)

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  4. At one stage, I thought there was a shortage of sausages and was dumbfounded. I texted a friend my disbelief and found an attendant to ask if there was a run on sausages. He looked at me strangely and pointed to the area fully stocked with sausages. Turns out I was looking in the wrong area despite going to the same supermarket for 8 years. Long story short, maybe the TP is somewhere else.

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