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CSA and grocery store giggles.


The harvests keep on coming.



Peppers, fennel, radish, celery, bok choy, chard, eggplant, salad greens and spinach.



Of course it’s fall, so even the eggplants look like pumpkins.

And at the grocery store this week? A run on creamer.



WTH? Is there a new Covid cure I’m unaware of that requires cream…

Good thing the beer aisle was still fully stocked.



And if you’re lucky enough to live in an area that stocks Sam Adams? Do yourself a favor and buy their limited edition seasonal. Jack-O Pumpkin is da bomb.



A four foot rope of sausage? Not so much.




Paper towels are still a no go. Except this one lone package… which was on sale. 6 rolls for $13. But look at the regular price. $16. That’s $2.66 a roll!



With prices like that, is it any wonder people are making their own truck repairs?



Duct tape. A most versatile product.


CSA and a few grocery store chuckles.


This week’s bounty was a large one.



Tomato, squash, radishes, zucchini, beets, parsley, celery, lettuce, Italian green beans, spinach and basil.

What it didn’t have was any of the bizarre little jewels the farm advertised at their stand.



Mouse melons.

I want!

What I didn’t want was the truck I parked behind at the grocery store telling me to eat more kale.



I’m not eating any kale, and you can’t make me.

Inside the store, this item looked interesting.



I like beer.

I like butterscotch.

But then I noticed it was non alcoholic cream soda and screamed false advertising.

You shouldn’t tease customers like that. Especially during a pandemic.

You also shouldn’t display things like this:



And not expect bloggers to take pictures and chortle over how utterly wrong they look.


Enough with the substitutes.


In the last three months I’ve seen pasta fly off the grocery store shelves.

Pandemic shopping fever has wiped them clean at times and all that was left were substitutes.

Kale linguini?

Not if my life depended on it.

Squash angel hair?

Thank you, no.

So imagine my horror when I saw this in the refrigerated section this morning.



Tofu fettuccine and spaghetti.

What fresh Hell is this!

I picked up a package and it felt like slimy rubber…. which is probably what it tastes like it as well.


Grocery store oddity.


Yesterday was a relatively uneventful trip…. which is almost anticlimactic at this point. It’s been such a rich source of blog fodder these past few months.

There was ample toilet paper, meat and soup so maybe the panic buying is finally subsiding.

There was however this sign –



And while I consider my vocabulary larger than your average bear’s, aseptic juice did give me pause.

To my mind the words and septic and juice are not a good mix, for obvious reasons.

Because if I’m thirsty? I don’t usually head for the tank out back that holds our bodily wastes.



But thankfully the word aseptic has a different meaning:

Aseptic processing is a processing technique wherein commercially thermally sterilized liquid products are packaged into previously sterilized containers under sterile conditions to produce shelf-stable products that do not need refrigeration. 

Whew… that was close.

My Ocean Spray cranberry almost got crossed off the list.

This is what it’s come to.


During the plague and it’s subsequent lock down, women haven’t had many reasons to dress up.

No dinner out, no theater, no cocktail parties. Most of the time we’re schlepping around the house in our favorite yoga pants and a ratty tee shirt.

Trips to the grocery store are now big occasions. Outfits must be coordinated and accessorized accordingly.

So tell me, how’d I do?




Grey sweater, pink and grey floral mask.

I’m ashamed to admit I now have at least a dozen masks in assorted patterns and colors.

Pathetic, but what’s a girl to do? It’s the new fashion staple.

Nothing too exciting on the grocery store trip this time around…. there’s still no toilet paper.




Or flour, or soup.

But now we can add pasta to the list of hoarded items.

The only kind I could find?



Turmeric spaghetti.

To which I say not just no….

But Hell no.

Grocery store oddities.


Proof positive you can find blog fodder everywhere.

Not being a Slim Jim or pork rind fan I passed on these…




I mean, hey… I like spicy food.

But not hot enough to make my pig squeal.

Then there was this –




A clever ad gimmick for Walking Dead fans, but I can turn into a zombie by drinking just about anything.

No apocalypse necessary.




I did buy these lemons.

Although I was little disappointed they didn’t have seed spitting lips.

Next time I’ll look for the GMO versions.

They’re always more interesting.




And finally, back to the liquor aisle.

While the name Screwball caught my attention….




I could come up with no reasonable explanation for adding peanut butter to a perfectly good whisky.

That’s just wrong.