Just…. no.


Have you noticed how everyone is posting their favorite recipes online lately?

Quarantine fever is driving everyone into the kitchen and they just can’t wait to share.

Every time I look I’m inundated with pleas of,  “Try this, you’ll love it!” or  “Our family’s favorite. You won’t be disappointed!”

In truth, I rarely love it…. and am more often than not disappointed.


Friends are always extolling the virtues of kale, tumeric, tofu and other completely unappealing things…




And after the recipe I saw yesterday?

I realize I simply need new friends.





I’m pretty sure parsnip spice cake won’t be happening in our kitchen any time soon.



41 thoughts on “Just…. no.”

      1. Okay, I understand that.
        I wouldn’t be able to make it anyway, as I am all out of parsnips (yuck).

        I would have to substitute the main ingredient with this kale I have.

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  1. I don’t like or consider any cake made with vegetables, not even zucchini bread. And even though I like kale, I’ll be damned if I’d eat it in a cake. What is wrong with people? What happened to good old fashioned chocolate or lemon cake? German chocolate cake, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, orange cake with chocolate frosting…..you know I love chocolate right? lol

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  2. Zucchini Bread is really rather good. You do not taste the zucchini, it just makes the bread melt in your mouth. That being said, I don’t make it either. My ‘other mother’ does and it is delicious.

    What I am seriously looking for is a good recipe for Pineapple, chicken and shrimp Pad Thai with that AWESOME sauce that goes with it. …………

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  3. I’m running a contest for the baker of the best carrot cake–all they have to do is send me a carrot cake they have baked. We could do a tie in contest with you running one for the best Margarita and we can announce the individual winners together!!!

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  4. I’d try parsnip cake. I’d probably even sarcastically say “I can hardly taste the parsnips!” because I’m assuming it wouldn’t taste like parsnips. When I’ve had them they’ve had a mild radishy spiciness but beyond that no real flavor.
    However I won’t bake it. I can cook if I have to, even bake, but I enjoy food so much more when someone else makes it. That’s why I’ll try pretty much anything if someone else makes it.

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  5. I actually quite like parsnips. They have a spiciness that I think would lend itself quite nicely to a spice cake. I used to be Team No Vegetables in my Sweet Baked Goods, but I quite like carrot cake (especially if it’s LOADED with cream cheese frosting – sorry Rivergirl 🙂 ) and let’s face it, while not rocking anyone’s world, zucchini bread is a helpful way to use up the most prolific vegetable in the universe.

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