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Good grief!


You upload one little photo of your new family member to Facebook.



Just one, to show everyone how sweet he is…. and that damn algorithm kicks into high gear.

Now, along with the constant ball wash and toilet incense ads?

I’m getting these:



Cat butt pillow cases?


I love our new little furry friend…. but have absolutely no desire to slip off into dreamland with my face on his ass crack.

One feline does not a crazy cat lady make.


As good an explanation as any.


There was a post on our local Facebook page the other day and I thought it warranted a second look.



Strange signs appearing on your lawn?

My town has an answer.



Makes sense.

Pee here! Not there…



I think we all know a few candidates who should have been left far, far behind.




It’s a Maine thing… never mind.




That’s a blog worthy answer right there.



Even Google doesn’t have a clue. How often does that happen?


When you have way too much time on your hands…


I saw an article the other day about all the amazing things people are doing with the spare time the pandemic shutdowns are providing them.

Some were worth while.


You decide.



Did Rufus McToofus need his very own adirondack chair to celebrate accordingly?

Probably not.





That’s so special it hurts.



Just…. wow.

What do you suppose those ducks are posting on social media? Can someone please investigate and report back. I’d hate for those ducks to have a more interesting blog than mine.




A worthy use of time.

Just…. no.


Have you noticed how everyone is posting their favorite recipes online lately?

Quarantine fever is driving everyone into the kitchen and they just can’t wait to share.

Every time I look I’m inundated with pleas of,  “Try this, you’ll love it!” or  “Our family’s favorite. You won’t be disappointed!”

In truth, I rarely love it…. and am more often than not disappointed.


Friends are always extolling the virtues of kale, tumeric, tofu and other completely unappealing things…




And after the recipe I saw yesterday?

I realize I simply need new friends.





I’m pretty sure parsnip spice cake won’t be happening in our kitchen any time soon.



I love my town.


Want to put your finger on the pulse of your town?

Check out the Facebook group pages.




No matter how large or small your particular hamlet is, chances are someone, somewhere is administrating a page for it.

I haven’t had so much fun in years!

You’ll learn very quickly who the town gossips are, where to find a free 40 year old slightly faded recliner, which families have been feuding since 1923,  who stole the carrots off the honor system garden cart, the residents you should avoid at all costs, and where the best wild raspberries are found.

There are also important things like this:




That’s news you can use people!



Neighbors helping neighbors…


loud flying things


*Note to self- avoid the White Road*






Granted, if you live in the city you won’t have such interesting headlines.

But loose chickens can be a problem anywhere…