Sad, but true.


While I’m sure there are thousands of people using their forced quarantine time at home to be useful and productive….

I can honestly say I’m not one of them.



I’m not learning a new language, sewing masks for the homeless or even organizing my shoe closet.

What… you don’t have a closet solely devoted to shoes?



What I am doing is cooking.

And eating.

Trying new recipes.

And eating.

Resurrecting old recipes.

And eating.

Making up recipes.

And eating.

Are you noticing the trend here?




That sounds about right.

And while I had been dieting and exercising and lost 20 odd pounds before the virus locked me inside with the refrigerator?




That’s pretty much where I am now.



And that’s probably where I’ll be when this whole mess is over.



Now if you’ll excuse me, there are some double fudge caramel brownies in the kitchen that look lonely.

We can’t have that.

15 thoughts on “Sad, but true.”

  1. My experience exactly. It’s depressing. I exercise six days a week as always, but I hadn’t realized how much walking around school contributed to my calorie burn. Now it’s sit in front of a computer all day to teach, with only minor forays to various rooms in the house. And yes, that “summer problem” of having unfettered access to the fridge is a big part of the problem.

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