Back to work.


At what I believe is the slowest pace humanly possible.

We started on Memorial Day weekend Friday by attacking the baby barn again.



Trimming the window at a glacially slow pace because as we’ve previously established…. geometry is not our friend.



After more hours than I care to admit, we moved around to the door trim.



Which the husband insisted be wider than the other trim.



Did this work out well?



Not really. But neither has anything else in this remodel and he refused to do it over, so it is what it is.



The night before, we took a trip to Lowe’s for door hardware. I argued for 6 inch hinges, because well…. I’m a woman.

You know we love our 6 inches.

But the husband was having none of it and went with 4 inch hinges, trying to prove size doesn’t matter.

As we started to assemble the doors?



He realized in some instances, size does matter…. and sent yours truly back to Lowes for 6 inches.


I’m talking about hinges!



I won’t even describe the nightmare that was Lowe’s on Memorial Day weekend.



By the time I got back the day was done and we got virtually nothing accomplished.

Yay us.

24 thoughts on “Back to work.”

  1. The fat guy in Office Space is Steven Root. If you get a chance to see him in Newsradio, you won’t be sorry. He was also Penny’s boss on Big Bang Theory.

    Sorry but that bit of trivia had to get out.

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  2. Excuse me–what is this “We started on Memorial Day weekend Friday by attacking the baby barn again stuff–except for supervising and nagging what else do you do?? (I have an idea he got the wrong hinges just to get you out of his hair for awhile!)

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  3. Lowe’s and behold,
    the hinges did unfold,
    the barn doors thus to hold….
    but the fours were two inches short
    to hold up the doors and hold down the fort,
    so back to Lowe’s you went, instead of divorce court.

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  4. When I built the garage attic access doors and the hanging cabinet-style shed my wife uses for her garden, I bought two different size hinges. She told me to use the bigger size on the smaller doors and sent me back for an even larger size for the larger doors. Women know size.

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