Random critters.




Squirrels have to be brave to cross the wide treeless open that is the bird feeder area of our backyard.





So we rarely see more than one grey.




Until there’s something worth having that is.




These little sparrows adore the boxwood shrubs.




And the woodchuck?

Still feeding, still fat…




And now?

Winking and waving as well.

This last pic looks like a little inter species communication is happening.


Although aside from the deer saying “Please don’t poop on me.” I’m not sure what they have to talk about.

17 thoughts on “Random critters.”

  1. In your many critter posts, I don’t recall ever seeing any bunnies. They multiply like rabbits in my neighborhood (ha ha). Not that I don’t enjoy the other critters, but apparently rabbits aren’t a Maine attraction (except maybe to foxes and hunters) where you live.

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      1. Well a squirrel and a bluebird are going at it in the tree in front of my place but the squirrel fades into the bark and the bird moves too fast–going to keep trying to get pictures!!

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