Squirrel invasion.


They’re back.




And they’re everywhere.




Momma red squirrel and her babies.




They’ve grown and are venturing out.




The new wider deck railing is a favorite spot for eating snacks. And while it’s cute, there’s a problem.





Or should I say multiple little problems. Squirrel poo is now dotting the landscape where we enjoy adult beverages.




And this is a new favorite perch.




I did laugh the other day when one of them climbed on the bracket and saw what he thought was a tasty glob of food.




Only to taste it and discover it was Vaseline to keep the ants off the hummingbird feeder.




Take that you tiny poop factory!


15 thoughts on “Squirrel invasion.”

  1. Oh geez, you are so patient River, I think I would have tired of the cute squirrels already, batting them away with a broom….not hard, but pushing their fuzzy little tushes out…..they are still cute though….without the poop….

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