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Kitchen aerobics.


I’m beginning to get used to having the husband work from home.

Yes, it’s a little annoying trying to tiptoe around the house and be quiet all day long…. but there are distinct advantages.

Advantage #1?

It’s harder for him to avoid the honey do list that’s been growing exponentially since we moved in 18 years ago.

No more long commutes from the office, no more grumpy, tired of fighting I-95 traffic on the way home husband.

When he clocks out? I can grab him.

This week it was for blind installation in the kitchen.



Which in the tight space over the sink wasn’t as easy as it sounds.



He got quite a workout.



Take that Jane Fonda.



As the hours wore on ( what… you thought it would be minutes? ) the brackets wouldn’t mount properly, and when they did, the blinds wouldn’t click into place.



Serious thought went into why they crashed to the ground every time you pulled them down.



Non OSHA approved climbing apparatus was used.



And curtain rod mounts had to be removed, reinstalled, removed, repositioned, removed again and yes, cursed. Repeatedly.

Want to frustrate your husband? Forget withholding sex…. make him hang curtains.

But finally it was done.



They moved up and down and stayed there.



If you’ve never tried this kind of blind, I highly recommend them. They’re attractive and block the hot sun while allowing filtered light to shine through.



And if you need some installed? Let me know.

I’m sure the husband is anxious to do a few more.

Woodchuck aerobics.


I think the last time I did aerobics was 1988.

If I tried it today?



So imagine my surprise when one of the young woodchucks who’s taken up residence started working out on our back deck.




Granted the work out started slowly….




And didn’t seem to be too high impact.

But who am I to judge?

My regular workout routine goes like this:




Woodchuck aerobics are a little different.




There was a warm up stretch…




A few hip twists…




Some leg lifts….




And a bit of planking.




Then the pole work started.




It was a little clumsy at first.




But he got the hang of it pretty quickly.




Heck, a little music and he could have been my girl friend on the parking meter a while back.




Oh, alright.

The woodchuck wasn’t really doing aerobics…

I just wanted to share more cute photos.

But then again, I’m not really the world’s best cheerleader when it comes to exercise either.