It started out innocently enough…..


This week’s harvest from our neighbor’s CSA yielded  scallions, cabbage, beets, Swiss chard, basil, parsley, garlic scapes, a tomato, a zucchini and raspberries.



Needless to say the raspberries were demolished with ice cream the first night and since we craved more, we headed across the road to their farm stand.



I can’t say I’ve ever seen a tractor trailer box renovated into a turquoise and gold farm stand…



But hey, it works.



Fairy tale eggplant?

There are so many off color jokes I could make right now my brain is threatening to explode.

And in case you’re wondering how the veggies don’t bake in the heat?



Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Just as we were about to leave, our neighbor’s daughters showed us all of her father’s left over apple trees. He’d planted as many as he could for his new orchard and didn’t want the rest.



You know where this is going…. right?

Free trees?






It’s been 100 degrees in the shade, the ground is solid concrete because we haven’t had any rain for weeks… and my husband wants to plant more trees.

Stay tuned.




29 thoughts on “It started out innocently enough…..”

  1. That is a nice farmer’s market. We even had one nearby at one of the Universities I worked at a few years ago. There was a monastery and a farmer’s market. I am not sure which one I preferred. For quiet, both or to get away for a few minutes. That remind me: I need to get a few things but will have to use the car or walk to the grocery.

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  2. This if off he subject of this post, but I read an article in the local paper this morning that groundhogs hate the smell of lavender. The writer said that groundhogs had found an opening big enough to get into his garage, and nothing worked to get rid of them until he put potted lavender plants all around the opening, and they vacated the premises faster than you can say Punxutawney Phil. You might want to try this on your deck or wherever else you want to dis-invite the critters.

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  3. Hmmm…are we about to get instructions on how to half-ass plant apple trees in the dead of summer? Or has your hubby turned into a virtual Johnny Appleseed? Oh the possibilities for upcoming blogs! *rubs hands together*

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