Everyone wants a seat at the table.




This little female Baltimore Oriole for example.




She sat there for 15 minutes or so…..




Waiting in vane for dinner to be served.




Then there’s my  sworn enemy  little  rat bastard  red squirrel.




We may have evicted them from their corner post home…..




But it hasn’t stopped their daily visits.




And raids on the deer bound apple slices.

Turn your back if you want you pesky varmint…. we both know what you’re up to.

19 thoughts on “Everyone wants a seat at the table.”

  1. As cute as they look, you’d think they were a bit more appreciative of your efforts. Seriously you feed them AND shelter them, I mean unwillingly shelter them that is. I heard through the grapevine she’s the one that put the idea of the pool table in your hubs head…..just sayin’

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    1. We always had a houseful of cats and no squirrel issues.
      Lost our last cat 2 years ago and the husband said no more pets because he wanted to travel when he retires. Then what happens? Covid, no retirement…. and squirrels!


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