I don’t know much about guns…


But this seemed like a weirdo even to me.



The husband is always picking up old magazines and articles about days gone by… probably in a vain attempt to identify the piles of crap he collects.

I don’t usually read them but hey, there’s a global pandemic and I tend to twitch if I run out of books.



Like I said, I don’t know much about guns..



But this does seem a trifle excessive.

20 thoughts on “I don’t know much about guns…”

  1. The reasoning was that ducks and geese float when shot, and these guns had enough shot in them to take out an entire flock on the water. In spite of their size, they didn’t have a lot of range and the hunter had to get very close to the ducks … they had almost wiped out entire species of ducks and geese in the 20’s with these guns. Where I lived, it took 30 years for the migratory bird flocks to return to normal after professional shooters were banned …

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