Because everyone wants pizza.


The husband stopped for gas the other day in his truck. Since I wasn’t with him, he opted for a little haute cuisine a la convenience store.

Pizza slices in hand…. he settled into the truck cab to munch.

And then?





A seagull spotted him. ( Or more likely his pizza )




Husband said the silly thing squawked up a storm, pacing back and forth on the hood.




When that didn’t earn him any pizza, he attacked the windshield wipers.

Husband said it was such a spectacle, people were taking pictures and one woman asked if she could put it on Facebook.

So if you see a retired Marine in a black Ford truck looking  like Tippi Hendren on your news feed?

That’s my man.




And his new seagull friend.

32 thoughts on “Because everyone wants pizza.”

      1. Wow….I feel I have to many with 100 but I try to be more in style with phone and taking photos with my little phone camera. That is how I got the picture for my recent blog about the falcon which visited our backyard.

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