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What part of the word “new” doesn’t he understand?


My husband has a truck.

An old truck.

My husband loves his old truck, has spent considerable money restoring his old truck and uses his old truck as a …. well, truck.



He’s loved this 1990 Ford F150 XLT truck long and hard. No matter how much time it spends at the shop nor how many thousands of dollars of repairs it needs, he consistently refuses to buy a new one. So imagine my surprise when he came home the other day and said he was thinking about buying a new truck.

I was thrilled!

I was ecstatic!

(His mechanic will be even more thrilled and ecstatic)

And my thrill continued..

All the way up until he drove me to see the “new” truck.



Technically, he’s not wrong. It is “newer” than his old truck….. by a whole 4 years.

Old truck? 1990

“New” truck? 1994

I was not thrilled.

His mechanic will not be thrilled.

The husband? Beyond thrilled that he’d found another Ford F150 XLT with a long bed in good shape with only 74,000 original miles.


The asking price was $11,800 which I thought was beyond ridiculous for a 28 year old truck….. but then I looked online.






Holy Mother of God…. I know used car prices are nuts right now but that is positively insane.

Because the dealer is a friend of a friend the husband talked him down to $10,000… and got him to replace the shocks, brake lines and ball joints so I guess in reality that’s a good deal. But rest assured old Black Betty will be going out on the lawn with it’s own overpriced for sale sign in it as soon as the husband drives the “new” one home.


Because everyone wants pizza.


The husband stopped for gas the other day in his truck. Since I wasn’t with him, he opted for a little haute cuisine a la convenience store.

Pizza slices in hand…. he settled into the truck cab to munch.

And then?





A seagull spotted him. ( Or more likely his pizza )




Husband said the silly thing squawked up a storm, pacing back and forth on the hood.




When that didn’t earn him any pizza, he attacked the windshield wipers.

Husband said it was such a spectacle, people were taking pictures and one woman asked if she could put it on Facebook.

So if you see a retired Marine in a black Ford truck looking  like Tippi Hendren on your news feed?

That’s my man.




And his new seagull friend.