I suppose it was inevitable.

My site has finally been flipped to the horrid new block editor.

So far, I’m not impressed.

And while I don’t rail at change in other areas of my life,  not having to think about formatting a blog has always been pleasant…. until now. I switched back to classic, but it still doesn’t let me space the way I want.

So does anyone like this new format?

Sing its praises and regale me with its infinite wonders if you do.

Because right now?

This is me:

39 thoughts on “I suppose it was inevitable.”

  1. I actually don’t hate it now I’ve got used to it but I can’t see any particular advantages either. I probably would have stuck with the ‘classic’ editor if it was actually the same as the old editor but it quite obviously isn’t so it seemed a choice of learning how to use a new editor either way.

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    1. It’s similar at least.
      But the whole thing smacks of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Why couldn’t they just have added a few new things to the existing one?
      Now please excuse me while I go yell at those kids to get off my lawn.

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  2. I hate it. Just hate it. Why can’t I just write my blog in MSWord, and C/P it into the blog with all the formatting? Why do I need a left handed editor to post?
    Why? Because the geeks at WP really don’t care that their editors suck.
    Did I mention that I hate the new editor?

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  3. That’s so strange, I was forced into the new block editor (after months of threats each time I logged on) over a week ago! I pretty much hate it. Yes, you can choose a “classic block” but it’s still not the same experience. Sometimes I can get my picture captions to be below the picture and permanent, which is what I want. Other times it seems to be a pop-up caption that the reader can only see if they hover their mouse over the picture. Ahhhh!!! Why couldn’t they leave well enough alone?!

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  4. So I’m wondering if all these references to the “classic editor” mean the most recent default editor, which was “forced” on everyone beginning in 2015, or the editor that I know as THE Classic Editor, which was the default when I started blogging in 2011? I bookmarked that original Classic Editor when the first change was made five years ago, and it still works fine for me through two editor changes now. I haven’t even looked at this “block editor” before, and don’t think I want to…

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      1. Probably the 2015 editor, and I can’t even remember what that piece of garbage was called. I think they refined it from the cesspool it was when it debuted, but I wouldn’t know since I never used it either…

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