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Reason #612 why I hate this new editor.


Bear with me while I bitch.

(I have two weeks worth of scheduled posts in the queue so the bitching will be limited at this time.)

Ever since the husband started teleworking in March, I’ve been doing a lot of blogging on my phone. Which, until the new roll out of the editor from Hell, was fine.

But now that people are being forced to use it, things have changed… at least for me.

My friend from  No Facilities, Dan Antion, is always nice enough to include photos of the rabbits he sees on his walks for me. With a backyard family of foxes, bunnies are the one critter we never see at Casa River.

But when I look at his posts now…

This is what I see –



Text over photos.



Photos over photos.



Text over text.



And photos over text.

Anyway you look at it, it’s a mess.

So if any of WordPress’s inappropriately named ‘Happiness Engineers’ drop by to say hello?

Be sure and tell them I ain’t happy.

I suppose it was inevitable.

My site has finally been flipped to the horrid new block editor.

So far, I’m not impressed.

And while I don’t rail at change in other areas of my life,  not having to think about formatting a blog has always been pleasant…. until now. I switched back to classic, but it still doesn’t let me space the way I want.

So does anyone like this new format?

Sing its praises and regale me with its infinite wonders if you do.

Because right now?

This is me: