Must have products I must not have.


Here’s another selection of must have products… this time with a twist.

These are all things guaranteed to reduce your stress level.





Sorry, but having a nail polish cocktail ring is only going to increase my stress.

The first time my nose itches? That Moonlight Madness Maroon will be Jackson Pollock-ing the living room wall.





I’ve got news for you, if I’m going to recline in a hammock it better be large enough for my whole body….. and a pitcher of margaritas.



I don’t know about you, but if I’m stressed?

The last thing I’m worrying about is mopping up that martini I spilled on the floor.





Because a disembodied hand is soooo relaxing.

27 thoughts on “Must have products I must not have.”

  1. That first one looks like an over-sized transgender mood ring, and those slippers look like they may have to hit the washing machine on a daily basis. Did you notice the hammock does not tell you (or show you) where to hook the strings? They just casually go off shot somewhere.

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  2. All right, that foot hammock does look somewhat appealing because I like to put my feet up, but my knees would inevitably hit the desk every time I wanted to change position. So I’ll just stick with the couch and coffee table arrangement.

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  3. I am with you on three of these….but the nail varnish holder would work for me. I have not touched my face for six months (well…except when I wash it of course) because of this virus.

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