When ya gotta go….


Sometimes you just have to go. Which, when on the road during a global pandemic, can be a challenge.

Yesterday the husband had to physically enter his office for the first time since March to pick up some paperwork, so we took the scenic route which added a half hour to the hour long drive. The sun was shining, the leaves were turning…. life was good. Until those 2 large glasses of iced tea I had with lunch kicked in.

I don’t know what’s it like in your part if the world, but here in Maine a lot of the convenience stores, gas stations and fast food places have closed their rest rooms to customers for fear of spreading the virus.

It took us 4 stops to find a Burger King that welcomed people with full bladders. And by the look of the pictures on the doors? I wasn’t the only one in dire need.




24 thoughts on “When ya gotta go….”

  1. It appears that the deterioration of brain cells continues as this virus rages on. Shutting doors to public washrooms, especially in places that desire your money in exchange for product or service, is just dumb move. Do they think the virus inhibits the flow of liquids through your system? Maddening.

    Anyway I’ve never seen a sign like that. Ha!

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  2. We have a pee bucket in the back seat because of the lockdown from spring. Most public bathrooms are open around here but we go hiking a lot and the restrooms at forest preserves are hit or miss at being open. So we keep a bucket to pee in in the car.

    I’ll let myself out.

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  3. And the people using the restrooms lately seem to take so long as they adjust their mask, wash their hands, turn the door knob and oh wait, wipe off the door knob…and then say, “Oh, were you waiting?” After I knocked several times.

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