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Pandemic humor.


The crisis is slowly winding down and Covid humor is harder to find, but here are the latest.



Sometimes it really is better to bee safe than sorry. ( Feel free to groan. I couldn’t help myself. )



No doubt!



You can’t argue with that logic.



While technically these aren’t virus related jokes, if you’ve done any home improvements in the past year you know the price of lumber and supplies has skyrocketed.



We were in Lowes the other day ordering shingles for our long overdo roof repair, and trust me… this isn’t far off the mark.

And finally…







Remember when I posted about giving the husband some Red Sox memorabilia for his birthday?



Here’s Lord Dudley Mountcatten sitting above the mint condition 1968 pennant. It arrived in a long padded box, wrapped in layers of wax paper, tissue paper and bubble wrap. It was cherry! Until Dudley pounced on it, ripping it in two places and punching a giant tooth hole in the tip. Sigh.



Here he is eyeing the kinetic sculpture when my husband gave it an inaugural twirl.

Needless to say I put that out of reach shortly after.



Cats, I love them… but it doesn’t mean they don’t drive me crazy.



I got this announcement from WordPress the other day. And while I’m flattered they’re keeping track of my posts, I had to wonder at the random number. Is 1337 something to celebrate?



I ordered this customized coffee mug for a friend and can’t wait to give it to her. ( our names are underneath the chairs but have been removed to protect the not so innocent ) That’s me on the left with the margarita and the figure I haven’t seen for 20 or so years. Hair, drinks, skin tone and shirt are customizable but they didn’t have an overweight and menopausal option, go figure.



But I admit, it does describe our relationship perfectly.


In other news…. I’m scheduled to receive my first Covid vaccine this morning. Maine has done a remarkable job with the roll out and I’m looking forward to being on the road to fully protected as well as doing my part to stop the spread of this horrible life altering virus.


When ya gotta go….


Sometimes you just have to go. Which, when on the road during a global pandemic, can be a challenge.

Yesterday the husband had to physically enter his office for the first time since March to pick up some paperwork, so we took the scenic route which added a half hour to the hour long drive. The sun was shining, the leaves were turning…. life was good. Until those 2 large glasses of iced tea I had with lunch kicked in.

I don’t know what’s it like in your part if the world, but here in Maine a lot of the convenience stores, gas stations and fast food places have closed their rest rooms to customers for fear of spreading the virus.

It took us 4 stops to find a Burger King that welcomed people with full bladders. And by the look of the pictures on the doors? I wasn’t the only one in dire need.




Pandemic chuckle.


Since the viral apocalypse…. all the town offices in Maine are closed, as is the Department of Motor Vehicles.

While you can renew things online, buying a new or used car means a title transfer and paperwork that must be done in person.

In the meantime, we’ve been told to keep the bill of sale in our glove boxes and make up a temporary plate stating the Covid 19 crisis.

I think this guy nailed it.


Damn. We always miss the good stuff…


Since the virus apocalypse has killed our beloved Red Sox season this year, it’s been a struggle to find alternative viewing when we’re in the mood for something competitive.

So imagine my dismay when I realized we’d missed an entire day of stellar sporting events….



Damn it!

You know that was a nail biting, edge of your seat good time.

And if it wasn’t bad enough we missed the spitters?




We missed that too.

In fact, we missed an all star line up of great competitions.



Cheese rolling and stone skipping?

Be still my heart.



Stupid robots and slippery stairs?

These are probably future Olympic events!

And we missed them.


Because I’m helpful.


Since we’re all staying home and social distancing in an effort to slow the spread of virus, we’re going to have a lot of time on our hands.

We can blog.

Or Read.

Or binge watch our favorite trashy Netflix series.

But for the crafty and artistic few among us?

Please feel free to steal this idea.




Just be sure to post your versions when you do.

The rest of us are still bored.


Coulda, woulda, shoulda…….


If if it wasn’t for this nasty Coronavirus:

I could have been spending a nice long weekend here.




A beautiful and rather expensive resort on the Maine coast.

I would have been walking these vast halls….




On the way to our timeshare condo  (which go for up to $700 a night in the summer, but which I snagged at the bargain basement off season price of $300 for 4 nights as a surprise for the husband’s birthday) ….







I should have been sitting here…




Fresh out of the hot tub with a cocktail and an ocean view.

I could have, would have, and should have been doing all of those things. But instead I’m stuck inside the house blogging while hiding from an invisible bug that wants to kill us all.

That’s just wrong.

It’s supposed to be almost 60 degrees today, a rarity for March in Maine.

I could have been walking here :




The Rockport breakwater, which leads to….




It’s very own teeny tiny lighthouse.

It’s cute damn it! And I should have been taking photographs for a future blog.

But no.




I won’t be eating at one of the resort’s 2 restaurants.




Or having a cocktail at the ice bar.




Granted, that would probably have been slush by tonight…  but still!

I could have, should have, would have been enjoying it all.

But I did the right thing and cancelled the trip so I can social distance, or shelter in place, or avoid the plague…. whatever they’re calling it these days.

But that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.





Sh*t is starting to get real.


The virus.

The pandemic.

The hysteria.

I know, you’ve heard it all before… and entirely too often for your emotional well being.

But now?

It’s hitting home for your favorite chicken and rock loving friend.




Our beloved local pub… that we support on a weekly basis… has shut it’s doors.

So please, for me –

And all those margaritas that anxiously await my return?